Workers more likely to trust AI over their managers, says survey

Oracle and Future Workplace found that 64% of people are more likely to trust a robot over their manager--especially when it comes to providing unbiased advice.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Workers are increasingly more likely to trust artificial intelligence than their manager, according to an Oracle and Future Workplace survey.

Oracle and Future Workplace, a research firm that focuses on human resources, surveyed 8,370 employees, managers and HR executives from 10 countries about AI. The findings are notable on a few fronts:

  • 64% of people would trust a robot more than their manager.
  • Half of respondents have turned to a robot instead of their manager for advice.
  • 89% of workers in India and 88% of respondents in China are more trusting of robots over managers.
  • In France, 56% of workers were more trusting of robots over managers, with the UK at 54% and US at 57%.
  • 56% of men have turned to AI over their managers and 44% of women have.
  • 82% of people think robots can do things better than managers. Key wins for robots are providing unbiased information, maintaining work schedules and managing a budget.
  • But 45% of respondents said managers can understand their feelings better than AI and 33% are better at coaching.
  • 34% of respondents want a better user interface to AI at work.   


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