World Cup command center goes live in São Paulo

The $1.1bn site is considered a key legacy to the state following the sporting events
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

A command center integrating information that will be crucial to the running of the World Cup events in São Paulo has gone live without a hitch on Friday.

About R$2.5bn ($1.1bn) were spent on the site, of which R$66m ($29.4m) funded technology equipment including 60 high-performance computers as well as a fire and explosion-proof datacenter.

The site will monitor key aspects of urban security, civil defense, mobility and traffic as well as communications with more than 40 government municipal, state and federal government agencies including the intelligence agency, federal police and others.

The center will be operational round the clock between June 10 and July 18. It will consolidate imagery of about 500 monitoring cameras, in addition to the 30 cameras installed around the Arena Corinthians, where the World Cup opening ceremony will take place next month.

According to São Paulo state governor, the command center is a "good example" of a World Cup legacy to the state.

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