Would you buy a flight through Twitter?

Now you can with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Airlines are continuously looking for new ways to monetize their services, and at least one has developed a new way for you to pay for it all. 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced a new service that allows customers to use Twitter or Facebook to pay for a flight, seat reservation, or extra baggage.

How does it work? When a passenger requests a service through social media, KLM sends the customer a link through a private message. From there, customers can enter their payment information. One of KLM's 130 social media agents then sends a confirmation of the payment.

According to the airline, customers were previously able to use social media purchase services but customers were redirected to a booking agent over the telephone to complete the payment. Before launching the pay-by-social-media service, social media agents were already responding to 35,000 queries a week on Facebook and Twitter, KLM said.

But KLM isn't the first in the hospitality industry to turn to social media as a booking tool. Last year, Loews Hotels & Resorts launched a similar service with potential customers using #BookLoews to begin the booking process.

Still, it's hardly a surprise to see KLM roll out an innovative booking platform on Twitter and Facebook. Because, as Forbes says, KLM is a company that "gets" social media.

Photo: KLM

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