Yahoo Movies inks deal with Fandango for ticket sales

Yahoo teams with Fandango in another example of the company's shift towards focusing on digital media.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Yahoo has been trying to revamp itself in several different ways over the course of the last year, especially as the company shifts its image from a one-time search giant to a digital media company.

One way that Yahoo is going about that is through a new partnership with Fandango.

This scenario has the potential to be a win-win here. On the one hand, Fandango has yet another medium for ticket sales as it will be the sole and dedicated option for buying movie tickets on Yahoo Movies sites.

For reference, Fandango sells tickets to nearly 20,000 screens nationwide, most notably with the AMC and Regency Theaters groups.

Furthermore, Kenneth Fuchs, vice president of the Yahoo Media Network and head of the Entertainment, Sports, and Games unit, explained in a release that adding Fandango as a ticketing partner offers Fandango the chance to reach 30 million users on Yahoo Movies.

Fuchs added that "Fandango will enhance our current theater reach and provide a best in class online and mobile solution to movie ticketing."

That basically equates to Yahoo Movies becoming a more well-rounded platform when it comes to covering Hollywood entertainment. Yahoo Movies already offers plenty of content, including movie news, trailers, and box office results. The film hub also often has exclusive video content, live event streams (i.e. the Oscars and other red carpet events) and promotions surrounding certain franchises, which could be seen most recently with all of the hype surrounding The Hunger Games.

Thus, inking a deal with Fandango is definitely a major step forward for Yahoo's digital media and entertainment aspirations.


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