Yahoo says 'You're dumped!'

Do you know what season it is?
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

I have been chronicling Google’s changing blogging communications style (see “Google Finance targets free real-time data”) and noting a more “provocative” headlining strategy.


Competitor Yahoo also seems keen on breaking through the “clutter” by vying for attention with attention grabbing headlines. Yahoo headlines an official press release with the phrase “You’re Dumped!”


In “Yahoo: Get a ‘hot job’ in 2007” I present Yahoo’s new year pitch for its HotJobs online recruiting service and cite research it commissioned to support the launch of its “one minute career assessment” online tool.


Yahoo now is pitching its Yahoo Personals service with commissioned research: “You’re Dumped!” Yahoo Personals research shows national break-up season has arrived.”


Last week, Yahoo signaled get a new job season, saying “It's that time of year again when people are out with the old and in with the new, and that includes their jobs.”


This week, Yahoo advises “Valentine's Day is just over a month away but according to new research from Yahoo Personals, the most visited online dating service, Cupid is charting a tricky course for the next few weeks”:

The study shows we are now in National Break-Up Season, the period between the December holidays and Valentine's Day when people are more than twice as likely to think about breaking up than at any other time of the year.

January, with all its focus on resolutions to be healthier, richer, and happier, naturally leads couples to take stock of their relationships and think about whether they are with the right person.

''Find a new love' is up there with 'lose weight' and 'save more money' as a New Year's resolution," said Anna Zornosa, vice president and general manager, Yahoo Personals. "People tend to 'put up' with current relationships in order to have a partner for holiday gatherings, but once the festivities are over it's time to decide whether to fish or cut bait."

It is surprising that Ms. Zornosa does not include “find a new job” among her cited New Year’s resolutions given her colleague Susan Vobejda, vice president of marketing at sister service Yahoo HotJobs, devoted her press release last week to just such a theme.


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