You can now take a walk through 10 Downing Street with Google

The traditional home of the British Prime Minister has now been opened to the public -- at least, in a digital fashion.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Members of the public can now explore 10 Downing Street London after the traditional home of the British Prime Minister has remained off-limits to tourists for so long.

While you may not be able to physically walk the halls or fondle the ornaments, you can, at least, wander around the buildings' rooms and halls thanks to a new partnership between the UK government and Google.

As reported by the Telegraph, from today, online users can explore 10 Downing Street, the home of every PM since 1735.

The house, the UK's equivalent to the White House in the United States, also acts as the PM's office and an entertainment area. The UK government says that key decisions have all taken place there, such as First and Second World War direction, the construction of the British nuclear bomb and the handling of economic crises such as the Great Depression in 1929.

More recently the UK's new PM Theresa May has taken up residence at number 10 after the resignation of David Cameron following the Brexit vote.

If users wish to explore the building and take in some of the history, they can now use Google Street View to wander down the halls, the Cabinet room, the Thatcher room -- used as Cameron's office -- and the gardens, among other areas.

A look inside 10 Downing Street with Google Street View

Amit Sood, director of Google Arts and Culture commented:

"We're delighted to be able to share our technology to open and promote the history behind another emblematic British institution. With more than 1000 institutions from 70 countries now preserving and sharing their content online, we hope to empower everyone to experience history, art and culture in new ways."

Take a look at 10 Downing Street for yourself here.

Google has used Street View cameras, usually mounted on cars to create digital maps of Earth, to capture images of monuments and places of public interest as part of the firm's Cultural Institute programs. Users can take virtual tours of areas including the American Museum of Natural History, Prambanan temple, Ford's Theatre and the National Theater of Korea.

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