YouTube Create expands to more countries - here's why you should try it

This one platform can clean up your video audio for you, sync video to a beat, and more.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
YouTube Create

TikTok popularized posting casual, short videos on the go, facilitated by an intuitive editing platform in the app. In Septemeber, YouTube unveiled a similar experience, YouTube Create, an in-app video editing platform, and its availability is now expanding further. 

When YouTube Create launched, it was available in beta on Android phones in select markets. On Wednesday, YouTube launched YouTube Create in beta on Android across 13 more countries, spanning from Australia to Brazil. The feature remains entirely free to use. 

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So what are the perks of using YouTube Create? Like on TikTok, creators can now record and edit clips right from their phones without having to leave the YouTube platform, eliminating the need to download a third-party application to complete edits, export the video, and then upload it on YouTube. 

Despite being a mobile video editor, YouTube Create still provides advanced features, making it possible to produce high-quality videos comparable to those edited on a desktop. For example, it offers an "Audio Cleanup" feature that automatically removes distracting sounds, making the dialogue easier to listen to. 

Another standout feature is its "Find Beats" feature which automatically makes cuts to your video to sync the visuals to the audio. This feature can be especially useful for smooth transitions between clips without manually making all the cuts to match the audio. 

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Additionally, it has traditional editing features such as the ability to record voiceovers, generate auto-captions, add stickers, filters, and effects, adjust color, brightness, and saturation, and even access thousands of royalty-free songs in YouTube Create's music library. 

Even though it is currently only available on Android, YouTube does share that the app "may" be available on other devices in the future. Until then, iPhone users can enjoy a similar free experience in TikTok, Capcut, or InShot, to name a few. 

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