5 new creator tools YouTube just unveiled, including an AI video generator

The video platform doubles down on AI with four new AI features and a new app.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
YouTube Dream Screen
Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

Many social media platforms like TikTok are taking precautions to limit the proliferation of AI-generated content. YouTube, however, is facilitating the creation of AI content on its platform by adding a new generative AI feature. 

On Thursday, YouTube unveiled five new creator tools, including "Dream Screen," a feature that allows users to add AI-generated images or videos as a background for YouTube Shorts. 

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The demo of the experimental feature shows that users will be able to type in a prompt of what video or image they'd like to use as the background within the short-creating UI. 

In the example, a user types, "Panda drinking coffee," and as seen by the photo at the top of the article, the platform generates several videos depicting that scene. The user would then be able to overlay a video on the scene. 

YouTube also incorporated AI to help creators better understand what content to make with a new "AI insights" feature, which will give creators video idea suggestions based on what their audience is already watching. 

Similarly, Assistive Search in Creator Music will leverage AI to help creators find the perfect soundtrack to add to their videos, reducing the time spent aimlessly scrolling through music options. 

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AI will also help creators reach larger audiences with an automatic dubbing tool, which will allow viewers to toggle between the original language or the AI-generated dubs in their native language. 

Lastly, YouTube unveiled a new editing app called YouTube Create to enable creators to easily edit YouTube content from their phones. The demo shows a UI similar to TikTok with text, stickers, sound, captions, and voiceover options. 

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