Zendure X5 is everything a power bank should be: Small, light, cheap, and packing lots of power

The Zendure SuperTank is an amazing power bank, but it's not cheap and far too bulky to pop into a pocket. The Zendure X5 solves these problems.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Regular readers will know that I'm a huge fan of the Zendure SuperTank power bank. Yes, it's big and bulky and cost almost $200, but a 27,000mAh/99.9Wh battery pack that's capable of powering a MacBook Pro is not going to be a small or cheap thing. But the usefulness of a single power bank that could also act as a hub outweighed its massiveness.

But for most people, the SuperTank was overkill. But the X5 is a power bank that offers most of the benefits without the bulk of the scary price tag.

The X5 is a 15,000mAh laptop power banks, with the pack adding 7-10 hours of charge to laptops or recharge a smartphone three of four times. The 45W Power Delivery port is cable of charging a MacBook Air up to 40 percent in 30 minutes

Kitted out with a single USB-C port and two USB-A ports, the X5 can power up to three devices simultaneously, be they a laptop, tablet, smartphone, wearable device, of the Nintendo Switch.

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Zendure X5 laptop power bank

The outer shell is a combination of ABS and polycarbonate which offers a high degree of durability without adding too much weight or bulk.

I've been testing the X5 for a few weeks now and I've found it to be excellent, on par with the SuperTank. The only feature I miss is the twin-USB-C ports of the SuperTank, which allowed me to charge the it and use the second USB-C port, which allowed it to act as a USB-C power hub.

The Zebdure X5 is available in black and white, and the regular price is $99.99. However, there's until May 17 2020 there is a 35 percent discount, plus you can use the discount code X5EX10 to get an extra 10 percent off. ZDNet readers who order one after can get a 35 percent discount using the discount code X535.

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