Zero Motorcycles unfurls 2012 electric models with 100-mile ranges

New battery technology allows for up to 3,000 complete charge cycles before it degrades to 80 percent of its original capacity.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Electric motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles plans to deliver a 2012 model line that can deliver more than 100 miles of range on a single charge. The new motorcycles are due for delivery in February 2012.

In order to achieve the 100-plus range, the Santa Cruz, Calif.-based company has updated its battery power pack, creating a configuration called Z-Force. This is a platform that uses new, denser battery cell technology that is up to 95 percent more energy-dense than the previous generation and that can handle up to 3,000 charge cycles before it degrades to an 80 percent capacity. If you do the math, that means one of the models, the Zero S, can travel up to 308,000 miles on its original battery pack.

The new Zero DS can achieve up to 114 milles and reach top speeds of 80 mph.

The new Zero DS is designed to reach top speeds of 80 mph.

The new line includes the following models:

  • The Zero S, which the company calls a street fighter. Available in a 6 kilowatt-hour or 9 kilowatt-hour configuration, the motorcycle offers a top speed of 88 miles per hour (mph). It starts at a list price of $11,495.
  • The Zero DS, described as a dual support. The top speed for this bike is 80 mph and it is also priced starting at $11,495.
  • The Zero XU is a street model for inner city riding that include regenerative braking technology; priced starting at $7,695.
  • The Zero X is a trail rider that is also street legal; priced starting at $9,945.
  • The Zero MX was built for motocross riding; it is priced starting at $9,945.

(Photo courtesy of Zero Motorcycles)

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