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Google Chrome adds three new AI features to make your internet browsing life easier

Too many tabs open? Google's AI can help.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer

Using the Chrome browser is about to get a little easier and a little more efficient thanks to the addition of three new AI-assisted features set to roll out soon.

First up is something Google calls "tab groups," which lets users organize a large collection of tabs. With this feature, Chrome will automatically suggest and then create groups based on what tabs you have open – especially useful if you're working on multiple projects at once or planning a trip where you're, say, researching hotels and trying to find the best restaurants. 

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To use this feature, Google says, you'll just right-click on an open tab and select "Organize Similar Tabs." The browser's AI will find tabs that are about similar things, group them together, and suggest a name and emoji to make them easier to find.

Second, Chrome is adding an AI-powered writing assistant that the company says will help users write with more confidence in public spaces -- like an online review, a social media post, or an email to a company. To get help writing, users will just right-click on any text field in Chrome and select "Help me write." After you type a few words, the AI will understand what you're trying to say and help you polish it. 

And lastly, capitalizing on the AI-generated wallpaper craze kicked off by the Google Pixel 8, Chrome is rolling out the ability to create your own themes using AI. Just like the phone feature, users will be able to create themes based on moods, colors, art styles, and more just by choosing from a list of preselected words. Google offered up an example of "aurora borealis in an animated style with a serene" mood.

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To set up an AI-created theme, you'll want to head to the "Customize Chrome" panel on the side, choose "Change theme" and then "Create with AI."

The writing assistant feature won't be available until next month, Google says, but the tab organizer and theme generator should arrive in the next few days.

Google said that more AI and machine learning features are coming later this year, including integration of its new AI model Gemini.

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