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Apple Music is testing a game-changing new feature for importing Spotify playlists

Only some users are seeing the integration, signaling that Apple is conducting A/B testing.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Apple Music vs Spotify
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Apple Music and Spotify allegiances have divided music listeners for years. Until now, sharing playlists between the two platforms has been a daunting task. Reportedly, Apple is testing a feature that might change that. 

On Monday, 9to5Mac spotted Reddit user reports of an Apple Music beta testing integration of SongShift, allowing users to easily transfer their Apple Music playlists to Spotify or vice versa without leaving the app. 

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SongShift is a third-party app that has long been a staple for music transfers, with the ability to transfer playlists to and from nearly all music listening platforms in addition to Apple Music and Spotify, including Amazon Music, Napster, Pandora, Tidal, YouTube, HypeMachine, and more. 

As a solution for transferring playlists, SongShift gets the job done. However, the transfer process does require you to complete a series of steps, including downloading the SongShift app and signing back into your Apple Music account.   

Apple is tackling that issue by integrating SongShift natively into Apple Music; users have reported a new prompt that reads "add saved music and playlists you made in other music services to your Apple Music library" in the Apple Music for Android beta, as seen by the photo below. 

Apple Music in Android SingShift Integration

Per the Reddit thread, not all Apple Music for Android beta users see the integration, signaling that Apple is conducting A/B testing. 

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Apple has yet to acknowledge or launch the feature, so details on when it will be available and if it will come to Apple Music for iPhone are unknown. However, it is telling that Apple Music is testing the feature and suggests that a playlist transfer solution is coming soon

Apple has been busy updating its music platform, most recently unveiling several upgrades to the app with iOS 17, including Crossfade and Collaborative Playlists, which both happen to be signature Spotify features. 

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