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Spotify is testing a feature that could fix a problem we've all encountered

If you were thinking about ditching Spotify, you might want to hold on a little longer. Here's what we know.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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Spotify has dominated the music streaming market share. It has about five times as many subscribers as its runner-up, Apple Music.  

However, at WWDC, Apple attempted to close the gap by adding new features to its music streaming platform. 

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Two of the new features coming to iOS 17 in the fall, Crossfade and Collaborative Playlists, are signature, much-loved, Spotify features. 

If the inclusion of popular Spotify features in Apple Music has tempted you to switch, hold on -- Spotify is still actively developing new features for its platform.

On Thursday, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek took to Twitter to share a new feature Spotify is testing -- "Your Offline Mix". 

This feature allows users to enjoy a personalized selection of their recently played songs, even when offline, such as during air travel.

Although users have the option of streaming music without internet connection by downloading music ahead of time, this feature would allow users to access one of Spotify's most-loved features, specially curated playlists. 

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Instead of having your music listening experience depend on whether you downloaded a playlist or not ahead of time, this feature will allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes regardless of the strength of your connection. 

No release date was disclosed for the feature, but it's probably safe to say Spotify will unveil it in the near future. 

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