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Lenovo's newest office tools could make your home office more productive than ever

As flexible-working habits become more popular with companies and employees, all-encompassing digital-working solutions are ever-evolving.
Written by Jada Jones, Associate Editor
Lenovo ThinkSmart View Plus against an energy yellow background

Lenovo's new ThinkSmart View Plus.

Image: Lenovo

Over the last three years, the ways we work have evolved and taken new forms. Digital-working tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom have regularly unveiled new updates to better accommodate hybrid-working environments

This week, digital solutions for corporate working gained another upgrade as Lenovo announced its ThinkSmart View Plus, a standalone digital collaboration tool. 

Lenovo announced the device alongside other corporate digital solutions: ThinkSmart One, a wireless controller for ThinkSmart One, and ThinkSmart Core.

The digital controller features Ethernet connectivity and can control compatible devices up to 100 meters away. Because the device has HDMI pass-through, there's no need for extenders or outlets at the meeting table.

ThinkSmart One is a Windows-based collaboration bar best used for meeting rooms and home offices. Containing an 11th Gen Intel Core processor, it works to enhance video and audio quality for Zoom and Microsoft Team meetings. 

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ThinkSmart One can enhance meeting quality with its eight microphones equipped with echo and noise cancellation, its 15-watt stereo speakers and integrated high-resolution camera.

ThinkSmart View Plus is built for hot desking, phone booths, executive desks, and home office use, according to Lenovo. It aims to increase employee productivity, flexibility, and collaboration. The device resembles any other computer monitor, but it comes equipped with Microsoft Teams for collaboration and organization.

Workers can connect their PC to ThinkSmart View Plus and share their files, so meeting participants can see the screens of both devices. Because Lenovo's new product is ideal for hot desking, employees don't have to worry about security issues, as the device will automatically remove their information.

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ThinkSmart View Plus features a Microsoft whiteboard app and an accompanying stylus pen for illustrations. The device has two 5W speakers, four microphones for more precise audio, and a 4K IRGB camera with built-in security safeguards.

For highly flexible employees, ThinkSmart View Plus can be mounted on a wall or operated in monitor mode for a traditional monitor feel. The device is equipped with a Qualcomm QCS8250 SoC, a chip built for enterprise and commercial purposes. 

Upon purchasing ThinkSmart View Plus, customers can access three years of Lenovo's Premium Support, which offers IT assistance. Customers will also receive one year of extra services and software, including Lenovo assistance to set up devices, remote maintenance, and management software to assist with software organization. 

According to Lenovo, ThinkSmart View Plus will be available in select markets by mid-2023, starting at $2,345. Lenovo ThinkSmart One will be available this month at $2,899, and ThinkSmart One with the IP controller will be available in the first quarter of this year starting at $3,100.

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