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Casio releases printer for digital camera

Casio is supplementing the booming market for digital cameras with the release of the first colour label printer to directly connect for outputting images.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Called the QG-100, the printer hooks up to Casio's QV-10 or QV-10A cameras allowing users to print directly to adhesive tape, without a PC or Macintosh needing to be connected. The print technology is dye-sublimation and resolutions of up to 200dpi in 260,000 colours are available. The printer is compatible with 18mm, 36mm and 46mm tape cartridges, providing up to 60 labels per cassette. Up to six images per label can be printed. The list price is £200 + VAT.

Casio said 87 per cent of its digital camera users who responded to a survey said they would be interested in colour output. Analysts expect digital cameras to be one of the biggest growing technology areas of the next two years as giants like Sanyo, Kodak and Casio build increasingly feature-rich sub-$500 units.

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