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Chinese carriers post possible specs and names for iPhone 6

China Telecom also posted an Apple-style-like advertisement, with detailed specifications of the next-generation smartphone.
Written by Cyrus Lee, Contributor

China Telecom, one of the three largest telecom carriers in the country, launched an online booking webpage on Friday.

The booking page, with a very Apple-like design, allows Chinese consumers to pre-register for an iPhone 6 ahead of its official launch on September 9.


All online registrars who eventually purchase an iPhone 6 with China Telecom will be granted a prepaid card worth of 200 yuan (US$32.60), according to the webpage.

The advertisement also came along with a photo of three-colored upcoming smartphones piling together, above a slogan in Chinese meaning "You are even more powerful than you could imagine".


China Telecom also described the specifications of iPhone 6 in detail. The next-generation iPhone is with "an upgraded 3 megapixel front camera", "a better touch ID", "a powerful quad-core A8 chip", and "a longer lasting 2,100 mAh battery", according to the carrier.

Once users click for reservation on the booking webpage, China Telecom then gives users a choice between 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch new iPhones in the second step.

However, China Telecom didn't provide any prices of the new iPhone in its booking process.

However, a leaked photo from China Unicom, the second-largest telecom carriers of the country, suggested that the smaller and bigger new iPhone will come with pricetags of 5,288 yuan (US$861) and 6,288 (US$1,024) yuan in China, respectively, for its lowest 16G models.


The China Unicom photo also indicated Apple will name the 4.7 inch new iPhone as iPhone 6 Air and the 5.5 inch as iPhone 6 Pro.

On September 1, the country's largest telecom operator China Mobile's Beijing branch has launched the reservation for the new iPhone on its official website. Participants will be able to priority purchase the smartphones when it is made available in the market, but each user is only allowed to make reservation for a single phone, according to the website. 

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