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Sprint's 4G may already be running in NYC

Sprint is lighting up more cities, so chances are you may already be working, even if your city wasn't announced
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Sprint sent out a press release today about its new "behind the scenes" web series that will showcase upcoming major 4G launches. While the first installment seems to copy the style of AT&T's recently produced video showcasing its 850 overlay, it does manage to show the viewer how much more compact the 4G cell site is, compared to its older sibling, 3G.

The good news is that not only is Sprint's 4G networking coming to more places, chances are, if you're living in a city that should soon be activated, it might already be working in some select areas of that city. For example, it's now lit up in Providence, so I'll be giving that a go in the coming days to see how fast the network actually is--promised peak download speeds of 6 Mbps, from the press release. I'll also be testing a few towns away, just to see whether or not the company juiced any of the surrounding areas.

If you're wondering where 4G is currently, or where it's going soon, check out this complete list from the press release: California – Merced, Modesto, Stockton, Visalia; Delaware – Wilmington; Florida – Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando; Georgia – Atlanta, Milledgeville; Hawaii – Honolulu, Maui; Idaho – Boise; Illinois – Chicago; Maryland – Baltimore; Massachusetts – Boston; Michigan – Grand Rapids; Missouri – Kansas City, St. Louis; New York – Rochester, Syracuse; Nevada – Las Vegas; North Carolina – Charlotte, Greensboro (includes High Point and Winston-Salem), Raleigh (includes Cary, Chapel Hill and Durham); Oregon – Eugene, Portland, Salem; Pennsylvania – Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Reading, York; Rhode Island – Providence; Tennessee – Nashville; Texas – Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Killeen/Temple, Lubbock, Midland/Odessa, San Antonio, Waco, Wichita Falls; Utah – Salt Lake City; Virginia – Richmond; and Washington – Bellingham, Seattle, Tri-Cities, Yakima.

In addition to the above, 4G will also make its debut in several of the nation’s largest urban areas, such as Los Angeles and New York, by the end of 2010.

Currently there are only two phones that take advantage of the 4G network (Samsung Epic 4G; HTV EVO 4G), so if you have one of those, you can almost guarantee a streamlined experience.

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