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XpanD intros 'world's first' 3D educational network for teachers, students

XpanD, which is known more for making the glasses to watch 3D programming rather than producing it, is launching its own 3D network.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

ESPN and Discovery are a few examples of the small group of entertainment brands that have launched 3D-only channels. XpanD, which is known more for making the spectacles to watch these programs rather than producing them, is getting into the business now with the launch of its own network.

The XpanD 3D Educational Network will be targeted towards teachers and students in K-12 as well as higher learning institutions. XpanD affirms that 3D education increases knowledge retention, and that it is a "proven fact" that 3D increases average test scores.

Thanks to some sponsors, some 3D content will be available for free, but there will also be additional "premium" 3D programming for sale on the Educational Network.

Educators are also encouraged to contribute additional 3D content, such as movies and presentations, to the XpanD Educational Content Library, which can be accessed by any school that subscribes to the network.

Speaking of subscribing, schools that are interested in participating in XpanD's latest venture need to pick up a bundle of goodies to get themselves started. The XpanD 3D Educational Package includes 30 pairs of XpanD 3D glasses, a multi-format XpanD 3D cable, XpanD 3D PowerPoint software (with a plug-in compatible with MS Office 2010), and free basic access to XpanD's 3D content library

Note that the bundle is compatible with any 3D-ready DLP projector, but it does not include one.


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