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Open to work? Three new LinkedIn features make job searching easier than ever

Now you can click a company's "I'm interested" button without applying for a specific role.
Written by Maria Diaz, Staff Writer
LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn's new job collections are visible as soon as you access the Jobs tab.

Maria Diaz/ZDNET

On Wednesday, LinkedIn added new features to enhance job searches and support the estimated 85% of professionals reportedly looking to change jobs in 2024. The company hopes these features will make job searching more efficient by tailoring the process to individual preferences and interests.

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The three new LinkedIn features for job seekers include Job Collections to show industry-specific options for different types of companies, a Preferences page to streamline the search process by setting employment and location type or salary preferences, and an "I'm interested" button to express interest in a company without applying to a specific role. Users can navigate to the Jobs tab in their LinkedIn account to see the updates. 

"Monthly job search intensity was up 21% in 2023 vs. 2022," according to Rohan Rajiv, LinkedIn's product lead on jobseeker, employer brand, and skills. He explained that job search intensity typically increases to only 16% year over year, per person per job. 

To start, Job Collections offers work opportunities for various industries and companies you may not otherwise know about. It categorizes relevant job opportunities into groups or categories, such as non-profits, generous parental leave, startups, remote work, and sustainability. Job collections are available on LinkedIn's mobile app (iOS and Android) and the website at the top of the Jobs page.

A Preferences page lets you customize your minimum desired compensation, customize your job alerts, and even set your desired location type to choose in-person or remote work. This is accessible at the top of the Jobs tab on mobile or the left-hand side menu on the web.

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Finally, you may see an "I'm interested" button on some companies' LinkedIn pages. Clicking this button is akin to dropping off a  resume at a company. (Do people still do that?) When job seekers click a company's "I'm interested" button, they express interest in working without applying for a specific role. This action adds your profile to a list that recruiters can review when searching for candidates for different positions. 

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