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Slack has a solution to those awkward moments before a video meeting starts

Sound bath, anyone?
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Huddle Jukebox

The pandemic revolutionized how people communicate, with video calls being the cornerstone of the workday. A universal part of the video call experience is awkwardly waiting for everyone to join the call. Slack has a new feature that should make the wait time more bearable. 

Slack has its own meeting feature called Huddles, which allows users to hop on quick video or audio calls without the trouble of having to send a formal link invitation. This is a great option for meetings on the go. 

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This week, Slack unveiled a Huddles Jukebox that allows users to play different types of music while waiting for all the other call attendants to join. 

The Jukebox feature builds on the classic waiting room feature that already existed, which automatically played smooth jazz while waiting for other teammates to join. 

In addition to smooth jazz, the new sounds available include Waiting Room, Subway Music, Whistle Tune, Focus Beats, Happy Bass, Sound Bath, and Nature Meditation.

Like before, the music will automatically start when you are the online person in the call, unless you have previously turned the feature off in Preferences. 

While it plays, you have the option to hit pause or switch the music track. The sound will stop automatically when a colleague enters the call. 

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According to Anna Niess, senior director of product design at Slack, the feature also has a functional purpose, gently nudging people when everyone else in a Huddle has left. 

"It's functional too: The music gently lets people know when they're the last one in the Huddles without necessarily encouraging them to leave," said Niess. 

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