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Slack's new lists feature could be a game-changer for project management

Asana, it looks like you've got some competition.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor

Managing projects across organizations requires extensive team communication and an efficient strategy. Typically, behind-the-scenes collaboration and project management tasks, such as assigning and tracking steps, have occurred on different platforms -- until now. 

On Thursday, Salesforce unveiled lists for Slack, a new feature that allows users to manage and track projects without leaving the application. With lists, all project management needs are available in one place, eliminating the need to context-switch and encouraging cross-collaboration. 

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As the photo at the top of the article shows, the lists interface includes a board view, similar to those found in other project management platforms such as Asana, that allows users to visualize the assigned tasks and track their status. 

Teams can also visualize the assigned tasks in a simple list view, which displays the status, priority, owner, due date, and file, or group list view, which groups tasks based on users' needs:


Whether users utilize the list or board view, they can add comments that @ specific team members to initiate a conversation via message threads on the list item, making it easier to align on a task's progress: 


Lists also work with Workflow Builder, Slack's no-code automation tool, to help users automate some tasks in their workflow. 

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Slack said the lists feature will be included in all paid plans, and rollout begins today, with the feature available to all Slack users in the coming months. 

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