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Organizers of Computex Taipei 2006 expect that more than 130,000 people will stroll by its nearly 1,300 exhibits over five days.
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Computex Taipei 2006

The Computex Taipei 2006 conference runs through Saturday. Organizers of the five-day tech extravaganza--the world's second largest IT trade show--expect that more than 130,000 people will stroll by its nearly 1,300 exhibitors.

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AMD and Samsung

Chips from Advanced Micro Devices will be going into smaller and smaller devices as it prepares to launch the Alchemy Au1200 processor. This prototype of the Samsung PMP (personal media player) is one of the first to sport this new chipset with an integrated Media Acceleration Engine. The chipmaker claims battery life will improve because the device will not require a separate DSP (digital pixel system) for video rendering.

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ATI Radeon X1300

Just bought a 55-inch HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) LCD television, only to realize that the rest of your system can only display regular DVD-quality video? Then take a look at this HDMI-compatible ATI Technologies Radeon X1300 graphics processor with up to 512MB of VRAM. And if you have even more cash to spare, buy two and link them via ATI's CrossFire technology for double the performance boost.

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ATI Radeon X1600

If the ATI Radeon X1300 cannot satisfy your gaming needs, then the ATI Radeon X1600--with its faster clockspeed and more processing pipelines--should have no problem giving you nightmares after hours of playing horror-action games in the dark.

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ATI Radeon X1600XT

What is this? Even two Radeon X1600s in CrossFire configuration are not even for you? Well, if you are willing to give up HDMI, then feast your eyes on the Radeon X1600XT. With two graphics processing cores on each card, linking dual Radeon X1600XT via the CrossFire interface gives your system the processing power of four GPUs.

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3D motion adaptive video de-interlace

Ever wonder how "CSI" detectives manage to read the license plate off a fast moving car using VGA-quality surveillance cameras? Well, the producers must have heard of 3D motion adaptive video de-interlace, a term that means the video processor looks at data from several frames and determines the best way to render fast-moving images in detail. This technology is found on the Tatung V42EMGI, a 42-inch LCD TV which, with its 1080i compatibility, will even let you track flying spittle during soccer matches.

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MSI Nvidia GeForce NX7600GT

The MSI Nvidia GeForce NX7600GT holds a HDMI port on its board, and two boards can be joined in a SLI configuration for twice the video-rendering performance.

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Toshiba HD-XA1

With the growing popularity of media streaming, companies are beginning to realize that standalone players are so last year. The Toshiba HD-XA1 not only delivers high-definition video via any ports imaginable, but also includes USB and Ethernet ports.

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BenQ PF785+ LCD monitor

It's a picture frame. It's a traditional Chinese painting. It's...a BenQ PF785+ LCD monitor.

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TCL Verone PC

With all the hardware components hidden behind this sleek LCD monitor, freak out your friends as you turn on this TCL Verone PC and watch them start searching for the CPU. Better yet, since it's based on Intel's Viiv platform with a Core Duo processor and an integrated TV tuner, take away the keyboard and use it like a normal LCD TV.

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System fan from Apus

Heat is the major bane of any high performance system. Throw away your old-fashioned thermometer because this system fan from Apus not only keeps your system cool, it even reports exactly how hot your CPU is running. Flashing the exact temperature using cool LED lights directly on the fan itself, you'll be tempted to buy a see-through chassis just for the bragging rights.

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We understand that you have spent a bundle on your living room renovations and no matter how hard you've tried, a classic PC MCPC just doesn't fit in. But now, you can still benefit from the Intel Viiv entertainment platform with this ASUS D22 MCPC, which looks like your average DVD recorder. With dual TV tuner cards, you can even record two channels simultaneously.

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Alienware's mALX notebooks

The holy grail of mobile gaming, Alienware's Malx notebooks are equipped with top-of-the-line Nvidia GeForce Go 7900GTX graphics processors to soothe the most demanding games.

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Amtek iTablet

For those hoping for a Mac Tablet PC, the Amtek iTablet's crystal-like front bezel and adjustable stand might fit the bill.

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ASUS P5B-V DH Deluxe

A recipient of the Computex's Best Choice award, the ASUS P5B-V DH Deluxe mainboard is based on Intel's Core Duo/Solo platform with Wi-Fi Solo radio (which allows the system to act as a wireless node even in sleep mode). It also has the ASUS proprietary Digital Home feature, which allows multimedia playback with a remote control and without having to boot into Windows.

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ChainTech promotors

ChainTech, a mainboard and graphics card manufacturer, has promoters who give away prizes to worthy Computex visitors.

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LCD monitor from Chilin

Want to put your signature on digital documents? This LCD monitor from Chilin allows direct input on its touch-sensitive display.

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FIC Media Center PC

Taiwan-based First International Computer has created a fiery-red small form-factor Media Center PC with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 7.1-channel audio output based on Intel's Viiv platform.

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Abit IL-80MV

The Abit IL-80MV is the first HDMI-certified mainboard to hit the market. Based on the Intel Core Duo/Solo platform, it combines the latest Intel integrated graphics chipset with 7.1-channel audio output for high-definition entertainment needs.

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