Weed tech: Vapes, pipes, apps, and more marijuana gadgets and accessories

Looking to buy a premium vape? Want to find more information about a particular strain? Interested in automating your grow operation? You've come to the right place. We've rounded up the best of the best -- devices that help you consume marijuana and even systems that help you grow it. There's something here for everyone, from weed enthusiasts to dispensary shop owners.
By Elyse Betters Picaro, Managing Editor
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420 Scope

Ever buy or grow flower that was so beautiful you had to take a second to appreciate it? This 420 Scope is a pocket-sized microscope designed for appreciating the beauty of high-end flower. For only $15, its let you get the closest possible look at the nooks and crannies of great bud.

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AirVape OM

The AirVape Om is a portable vaporizer for concentrates that you can hang on your keychain. It works with disposable cartridges and costs only $70.

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Alpha-CAT all-in-one Alpha Puff Kit

The Alpha Puff Kit is described as a Swiss Army Bong. For $50, it has a grinder and compartments for lighters, papers, filters, and storing flower. As if that wasn't enough, simply add water, and it'll turn into a bong.

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Budbomb XL

The Bud Bomb is a pipe that both filters and cools smoke before it gets to your mouth. It also has a really large bowl for ground flower and is shaped like a nuclear bomb. It sells for $57.

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Canary is a free delivery app that partners with growers and dispensaries in US states where marijuana has been legalized. It's both a marketplace and a courier service that enables you to browse a wide selection of medical-grade bud and get it delivered to your front door all with just a few taps.

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Dosist Vape Pen

Dosist has a unique system - or dose pen - designed to deliver the specific effects you're looking for in medical marijuana. The dose pen is akin to a vaporizer pen and is available in two sizes: 50 and 200 doses. Each comes with six different formulas with different effects. One formula, called Sleep, has an 8:1 THC-to-CBD ratio and packed with sleep-promoting terpenes. Unfortunately, you can't buy Dosist online. It's only available in dispensaries in California and Florida at the moment.

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Easy grinder

The $35 Easy Grinder is for those of you who find it difficult to use a traditional grinder. It's basically an automatic grinder and dispenser that can grind up to 2.5g of herb as fine or coarse as you need it and funnels the final product into your preferred smoking device. It grinds up to five hours on a single charge and has a detachable storage case.

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Firefly 2 Vaporizer

The Firefly is a top-end portable vaporizer. This model sells for $330 and comes with two rechargeable batteries. It's available in six different colors, features instant convection heating and a three-second heat-up time, and houses a borosilicate glass chamber and vapor path that promises clear flavor. You can custom pick between 230F and 420F temperatures for herb, or bump it up to 500F for concentrates.

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Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe has a slim design so it can slide into your pocket. But its waterless filter is the star here: It creates millions of micro vortices with every breath, cleverly filtering and cooling the smoke without water and promising a smooth, cough-less smoke. All these high-tech features are concealed under a so-called Art-Deco design. Its made of high-grade materials, in either a black or silver finish, and starts at $75.

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Grobo One

The Grobo One is an automated grow box perfect for inexperienced growers who are too busy to deal with the daily needs of growing plants. While the price is steep, at $2,000, it provides a way for even the laziest among us to grow at home. It has a hydroponic system (so you don't have to worry about soil), eight spectrum LED lights that automatically adjust, and a "feeding nutrient bank" that feeds your plants on time, in the right amount, so you don't have to do it. There's even a no-smell carbon filter, dual in-line fans. and a steel security lock.

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Growtronix is an all-in-one controller for growers who want to take things to the next level. The base system is $600, but the company has several different products so you can streamline your operation. Its system allows for precise control over growing. It includes the Growtronix software, which loads onto a Windows-based computer, and hardware like chemical-resistant tubing, controllable power outlets, and tons of different sensors for monitoring humidity, temperature, CO2, pH, and so on.

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G pen

The G Pen pictured here is the Dual Quartz model. It's designed for use with concentrates and oils, and at just $50, is one of the best-performing vape pens for the cheapest price. This is just one model, however. G Pen also sells vape pens for ground material. There are seven different models available, all with different features and price points. Most of them are under $100, and they're all highly rated. The company also offers replaceable parts and customizable pieces.  

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Hydra Modular Smoking System

The $120 Hydra is a so-called "modular smoking system." It's designed to be the last smoking device you'll ever need. It's a classic bowl, a one-hitter, and a bubbler (once you've added water) all in one. The glass is even wrapped in aircraft-grade aluminum for durability, and it's really easy to take apart, which makes cleaning less of a chore.

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The $199 Hydrology9 bares a striking resemblance to a lightsaber and is guaranteed to make your friends stop to ask, "What is that?" The answer: It's a portable vaporizer with water filtration. It's been exhaustively designed to allow for one of the best flower-vaporizing experiences on the market. Stand-out features include a "space-grade" anodized aluminum alloy body, borosilicate glass mouthpiece, "food-grade" porcelain chamber, and a 2,000mAh lithium-polymer battery. 

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Incredibowl i420

The $130 Incredibowl i420 and other models of the Incredibowl are all bowls built with special heads that filter out harmful tars and resins. The makers of the product also claim it is nearly indestructible. 

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LEAF is a $2,700 plug-and-leave system that will grow marijuana in your house. Originally started on Kickstarter, the idea of an automatic grow box that requires minimal oversight from its user is certain to appeal to all types of home growers. It features a climate control system, automatic nutrient dosing, and pH balancing, 200W LED lighting system, HD camera for remote viewing, an app on iOS and Android. 

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Leafly is one of the best cannabis information resources available. It's a website where you can find information about practically any strain in the world, complete with crowd-sourced reviews and photos. You can also find those strains nearby at dispensaries registered on the site. You can even shop, find deals, and guides on all the ways to consume cannabis. 

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Magical Butter Botanical Extractor

The $175 Magical Butter MB2E is a kit that has everything you need to make marijuana-infused butter. It's a genius product that makes it easy to create your own edibles right at home. The pitcher itself is made of stainless steel and features a digital thermostat, microprocessor, (for controlled program sequences), sensors, and a self-cleaning mechanism.

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Mamba Electric Grinder

The $22 Mamba Electric Grinder is another alternative to a traditional grinder -- it'll appeal to anyone who is suffering from conditions that affect their hands, such as carpal tunnel or arthritis, which are common reasons for using medical marijuana. It's battery-powered and is simple to operate. Just place your flower inside, and you'll be ready to smoke up to 20 times faster than if you used a handheld.

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MEDxtractor Disruptor 16

The $8,000 MEDxtractor Disruptor 16 is used to process flower into oil. This would appeal to any large-scale grower because while it reduces the volume of product you have, it will maximize the value of what you've grown. This particular model can process up to 25 pounds of raw material (trim or bud) per month and yields extract ideal for vape pens and edibles.

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MediCab Micro Hydro

The $979 MediCab Micro Hydro is one of the more affordable, large-yield grow boxes available. It isn't fully automated like some of the others we've mentioned, but it has the ability to grow up to 14 plants at one time. It comes in a steel cabinet, features a combination of LED and CFL lighting, and has a commercial-level carbon filter to handle skunky smells.

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Mouse with Hidden Scale

This product is a fully functional optical mouse that hides a digital scale and a storage compartment on the inside. If you remove the digital scale to weigh your bud, the space it leaves behind can also double as a compartment for whatever you'd like to stash inside. All this for only $20.

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MyDx Analyzer

The $700 MyDx Analyzer is used to identify the chemical composition of your flower or concentrates. Basically, if you've ever wondered how you find the THC or CBD levels in marijuana, a device like this is the answer.  It's pitched as a handheld-chemical testing platform that can verify the composition of cannabis strains in real-time.

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If you love joints, but can't roll them or hate rolling them, then the $130 Otto was made for you. Just insert your flower, and the Otto will grind it for you and fill up pre-rolled cone joints that are ready to smoke in seconds. Otto comes with 20 hand-rolled cones (you can buy more later) made of raw fiber, free of GMOs, and available in three different sizes.

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Nectar Kush LED Sunglasses

The Nectar Kush LED Sunglasses are specifically made for those of you who love staring at marijuana bud. The $50 sunglasses are designed to help you see all the vivid colors and crystals in your flower. It works under LED lights, but they're also polarized for outdoor use.

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Ozeri Touch Professional Scale

The $14 Ozeri Touch Professional is one of the best-rated, most affordable scales on the market. It has a tempered glass surface and can give accurate measurements from .05 grams up to 12 pounds. 

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Pax 3

The $212 Pax 3 is the latest portable vaporizer from Pax, one of the premier makers of vapes. This is a dual-use vaporizer for both flower and extracts. It comes in multiple covers and features tons of add-ons, some even from third-party companies. It has over 60 temperature settings, and is Bluetooth-enabled, as it works with the Pax mobile app.

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The $379 Puffco Peak is an electronic dab rig that is perfect for experienced users who prefer to use concentrates and oils instead of flower. It's portable, featuring a battery that lasts for around 30 dabs, and it has four unique heat settings, including a sesh mode, which extends the smoking session for a social dab experience. It also promises to unlock the power of your concentrate and provide the clearest flavor and potency. 

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At $12, the PlantLink is one of the most affordable soil-monitoring devices on the market. It can monitor up to 64 plants with one device and transfer data back to your smartphone via an app. Simply place it in the soil, either indoors or outdoors, and it will calibrate your plants' moisture needs.

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Potbot is the No. 1 app for weed recommendations on the Apple App Store. If you like marijuana but have no idea what the difference between a sativa or indica is, then Potbot is here to help. Just tell the Potbot what effects you're looking for, and it will recommend strains for you to try. 

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Puffco Plus

The $90 Puffco Plus is a portable oil vaporizer designed specifically for use with concentrates. It has a ceramic bowl for evenly heating oil without scorching it -- a common flaw in other vape pens. It also features a neat loading tool to help load and clean the bowl head. 

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Pro Tool Scoop

The $7 Pro Tool Scoop is another must-have for marijuana enthusiasts. It's cheap and solves the problem of cleaning out cashed vaporizers and bowl heads, which otherwise is such a pain to do. It's perfect for getting to those hard-to-reach places and is made of "surgical-grade" stainless steel.

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RYAH Is a dose-measuring vaporizer that lets you track and control how much your inhale. It has an airflow sensor, diffusing mouthpiece, cylindrical heating chamber, replaceable battery, and works with cartridges. Unfortunately, it's not yet available, but you can pre-order it soon. Pricing is to be announced. We normally wouldn't include a product you can't buy yet -- and this is the only one we did -- but we thought the concept was so cool that it had to be mentioned.

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SilverStick Filtered One Hitter

The $28 SilverStick is a one-hitter modeled after cigarettes in a way, as it uses replaceable cotton filters. These go in the mouthpiece and filter tar, resin, and pieces of flower. It comes with a metal cleaning utensil, too.

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Silver Surfer Vaporizer

The $270 Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a stationary, whip-style vaporizer for home use. It has a glass-on-glass design, ceramic heating element, and adjustable vaping temperature. It also has attachments for flower and oil and features numerous color combos for both the base and body of the machine, which when paired with the hand-blown glass temperature knob, means that no two Silver Surfer Vaporizers are exactly alike.

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Smartbee Control System

One of the challenges of creating a grow system is automation and data logging. That's where the $3,200 SmartBee control system comes in, as it helps users save time by performing a lot of the tasks and tests that people often just don't have the time to do. It wirelessly transmits data in real-time for readings like temperature, humidity, VPD, CO2, and more. The best part is it's a plug-and-play setup that fits nearly any garden configuration.

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Smell Proof Bag

At $21, the Smell Proof Bag does exactly what you think it does: Hides the smell of some of the more potent strains of flower. It's useful for those of you who want to safely transport small amounts of product. 

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SmoCAN Smoking System

The $60 SmoCAN smoking system is a series of chambers that, when linked together to form a can-shaped object, includes everything a person who smokes on the go might need. There are spaces for a lighter, bowl, joints, and storing flower or concentrate. There's even a grinder. It comes in a multitude of colors and can be configured any way you like. 

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When closed, the $1,250 SuperLocker 3.0 LED grow cabinet resembles a steel cabinet you might see in any garage throughout the country. On the inside, however, is a complete hydroponic growing system. It has dual growing chambers, holds up to eight plants, and features an activated carbon air filtration system. The door also, of course, does lock, so you can grow safely and securely, and no one will be none the wiser.

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The Producer

The Producer is the largest automated grow box available online. Made by Northern lights, this is the perfect product if you're interested in consistent, large yields. You can grow up to 18 plants, harvest every 10 to 12 weeks, and yield one to two pounds per harvest. It also takes care of everything with little oversight, from lighting and watering to CO2 and exhaust. But you need to contact Northern Lights for pricing information.

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TopLight LumiGrow

LumiGrow lights start at $1,300 with the TopLight -- but that's just one of the many models available for large-scale grow operations. We like this brand because its lights auto-adjust. They can go bright or dim based on what your plants need, ensuring you get the largest possible yield from your plants. All LumiGrow fixtures are controlled using the SmartPar Wireless Control System for both computers and phones. Set up lighting zones, enable automation, control light intensity, spectrum, and more.

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Volcano Digit Vaporizer

Volcano is known as one of the most popular and effective vaporizers on the market. The $600 Volcano Digit is super easy to use. Just insert your flower, choose your temperature, and the Volcano Digit will full a bag with vapor. There's also a Classic model available. The Digit is outfitted with a digital temperature control, while the Classic has an analog design. Both heat up in about three minutes, however, and feature a 100W convection heating source combined with a large aluminum heat exchanger.

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Volcano Plenty Vaporizer

Volcano is synonymous with the best vaporizers on the market, and the $250 Plenty Vaporizer is one of their newer stationary whip models. While most Whip vapes feature a plastic tube, this one has a "medical-grade" metal whip.

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Weedmaps prides itself on being a community-based product that links US marijuana businesses with customers. Companies can list all their products and services on Weedmaps, making it the ideal place to plan out what your next purchase will be and where you'll be making it. You can not only search and discover cannabis products but also connect with other-like minded users. It even lets you order online (in beta) in some states.

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Wickie Lighter

The Wickie Pipe Lighter is pretty straightforward: It's a pipe with a built-in lighter. It ensures you will never have to waste time or get frustrated looking for a lighter after you've packed a bowl and are ready to rip. It sells for $40.

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Wisp Vaporizing System

The $199 Wisp is a vaporizing system that requires minimal effort to use. Similar to a Keurig coffee machine, it uses pre-filled pods that can be purchased through registered dealers. They come in different flavors depending on your preferences or needs. Just pop a pod into the Wisp, and it will fill a removable plastic bottle with vapor. Simples. 

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WR1-5 WISPR 2 Vaporizer

The $140 WISPR 2 Vaporizer is one of the most unique-looking designs for portable vaporizers. It also runs on butane, instead of a rechargeable battery, which allows for quick refills, rather than waiting for it to charge.

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