Compaq iPAQ H3760

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Compaq's iPAQ 3600 series was a runaway success, and the company has decided to continue offering a beefed-up version of that model with the updated Pocket PC 2002 operating system. Compaq calls this the 3700 series.

To accommodate the new OS’s memory requirements, the H3760 will have 32MB of ROM, up from 16MB in the H3600 series. The 3700 series will be available only with 64MB of RAM installed. But the additional memory won't cost you more than the old H3650 did -- the list price of the H3760 is £429 (ex. VAT).

The new iPAQs are shipped with all the bells and whistles that come packaged as a part of Pocket PC 2002, including Pocket Internet Explorer, Pocket Word and the Windows Media Player. You'll still find the iPAQ Task Manager button, which lets you close applications that are running in the background with the tap of a stylus. Dashboard is also installed. This popular application enhances the Today screen, showing two days' worth of appointments, application quick launch buttons and so forth.

The 3700-series models have the same fast 206MHz StrongARM processor and 4,096-color reflective screen as their predecessors, while the battery life is rated at the same eight hours. Gamers will be disappointed to note that the device still cannot recognize two simultaneous button presses. On the plus side, the H3700-series iPAQs work with all the existing expansion sleeves, keyboards, and other peripheral hardware. Unlike the more expensive iPAQ H3850, the H3700 series won't ship with a screen-cover sleeve, just a black slipcover.