Toshiba TDP-MT5

  • Editors' rating
    8.2 Excellent


  • Wide aspect ratio
  • excellent range of inputs
  • easy to configure.


  • Remote control only works from certain angles.

A rebadged version of InFocus's ScreenPlay LS110, this projector offers all the same features, advantages and disadvantages of the InFocus-branded model. There's only one important difference: its list price is considerably lower.

The only physical difference between the MT5 and the ScreenPlay LS110 is the colour of the case -- white for the Toshiba product, grey for the InFocus. Otherwise the two products are identical.

The most important distinction between the two products is the list price. Toshiba appears to be selling this projector for 25 per cent less than InFocus. Since there's no difference in the hardware, the only possible justification for this is better support and warranty terms. This doesn't appear to be the case, so we'd recommend you get the Toshiba version of this projector and save yourself some cash.

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