A TV presenter swallowed an AirPod and you may have hygiene questions

It's one thing to accidentally swallow your AirPod. It's another when you explain how it happened.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

Looks like a multivitamin?


For many people, AirPods are a necessary accessory.

They insert them whenever they leave a building, or even before. They don't want to be on a street and actually hear what's going on.

Why, 17% of people claim they keep them on while they're having sex. 

Since their launch, there have also been several tales of how people fell asleep with them in and discovered they've accidentally swallowed one.

One can be forgiven for such mishaps, of course. Yet sometimes the tales can be hard to ingest.

For example, British TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp described her own AirPod-swallowing experience and some might find it troubling.

She revealed on Twitter: "In other news, I just swallowed an AirPod while downing my vitamins, I don't recommend it. I've managed to chuck it back up without having to go to hospital, but my throat is really quite sore."

I found myself conjuring how one can mistake an AirPod for a vitamin pill. Secondly, how did an AirPod appear in someone's hand at the same time as a vitamin pill?

Helpfully, Allsopp offered more: "AirPods in pocket, put vitamins in pocket while getting glass of water, chucked vitamins into mouth, gulped water, go for second lot, see one AirPod in hand, check pocket, check handbag. Realise there's only one place it could be."

Here, some may have concerns. Allsopp keeps her AirPods in her pocket. Alright. But then she felt the necessity to put her vitamins in her pocket while she got a glass of water?

Please forgive me, but wouldn't several people choose to keep their pills in their hand, while simultaneously getting a glass of water? Or might they put the pills down on a surface before reaching for a glass of water?

Essentially, I suppose, why would you put something in your pocket slightly before you know you're going to put said thing in your mouth?

I realize different people have different views on the subject of hygiene. Some have a five-second rule when dropping food on the floor, while others don't bother counting the time.

I hear, though, a certain "eww' emerging from the bleachers.

Allsopp, though, was keen to be understood. She posted an image which, she insisted, showed how very easy it is to mistake an AirPod for a vitamin. Please be the judge.

"Not as daft as some might say," she declared.

"Not as daft as shoving vitamins in your pocket just before you swallow them," I hear you respond.

And no, I don't find myself believing I'd reach into my pocket and swallow an AirPod lurking in my pocket vitamin stash.

Are we supposed to believe, too, that Allsopp takes this many vitamins at once?

Oh, I only wrote about this to offer a brief cautionary tale. So please, please don't keep your AirPods with any sorts of pills you may wish to swallow shortly, or in the near future.

Perhaps, too, it's not wise to keep your AirPods in your pocket.

You do put a lot of very different and not always clean things in your pocket, don't you?

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