Adobe rolls out new Acrobat Sign integrations for faster workflows

The move will give Adobe an even stronger position in a growing market that is already a leader.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Adobe on Thursday announced it's bringing Acrobat Sign to more of its products, helping people get work done more efficiently with e-signatures. 

The move will give Adobe an even stronger position in a growing market in which it's already a leader. According to a recent report from Allied Market Research, the global digital signature market generated $3.56 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $61.91 billion by 2030. 

Adobe's latest integration is with Adobe Workfront, the project and work management platform.


"Work management is all about automating business processes across technologies," Pete Kluge, Adobe's principal product marketing manager, said to ZDNet. "We're empowering organizations to embed signing into processes and automate signing workflows."

For Workfront customers, typical use cases might include onboarding, audits in heavily regulated industries, or having documents signed to meet compliance requirements. 

Meanwhile, Adobe will soon bring Acrobat Sign Workflows to Adobe Commerce, integrating a streamlined e-signature process to different parts of a commercial transaction, such as purchase agreements or warranties. 

An integration with Magento Commerce should also speed up transactions that require multiple signatures, such as purchasing a mobile phone. 

Adobe is also building deeper integrations between Acrobat Sign and Adobe Experience Manager forms for more efficient onboarding. Specifically, the company is bringing the Adobe Document Generation API, part of the PDF Services API in Adobe Document Services, to the Acrobat Sign and AEM Forms integration. This will give customers an API to automatically generate dynamic documents using branded, Microsoft Word templates and their own data. Then with the existing AEM Forms and Acrobat Sign integration, they can embed e-signatures and ID verification into those documents and automate them for signing and approvals.

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