Airlines add fire containment bags for overheated mobile devices

Alaska Airlines and Virgin America add red bags capable of withstanding heat of 3,200 degrees Fahrenheit from device batteries.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Alaska Airlines and Virgin America are adding fire-containment bags on their entire fleet of planes, in case a passenger's mobile device battery catches on fire mid flight.

The Associated Press reported the red bags, large enough to fit a laptop, can shut with Velcro and withstand temperatures up to 3,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Delta plans to add the bags to its domestic fleet in 2017 of more than 900 planes.

Exploding lithium ion battery fires have taken over the news lately, as Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 across the globe for going up in flames in several instances.

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The overheating of a Galaxy Note 7 caused the evacuation of a Southwest Airlines flight before it took off in Louisville, KY.

The FAA previously banned fliers from powering on the Galaxy Note 7 during flight.

American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines told the Associated Press they have no plans for such bags and that their in-flight staff is ready to handle such situations.

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