Some Amazon Prime Exclusive phones are now even cheaper

Amazon wants to see more of its affordable smartphones under the tree this holiday season.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

Starting Friday through December 24, Amazon will begin staggering discounts on a few of its Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones.

Amazon's lineup of Prime Exclusive Phones are all Android-powered, and in exchange for a steep discount, Amazon will randomly display offers and ads on your lock screen. Naturally, the ads are for products Amazon sells. It's the same approach Amazon has used on its Kindle lineup.

The first phone to see a price drop is the Nokia 6. Regularly priced at $179, the Nokia 6 is now $149 until December 24.

Below are the smartphones that will also see a price drop December 10 through December 23:

  • The Moto G5 Plus 64GB will be $199 ($40 off).
  • The Moto X4 drops $50, to its lowest price from Amazon yet at $279.
  • The LG X Charge will be $119.99 ($30 off).
  • The LG Q6 will be a respectable $179.99 after a $50 decrease.

Finally, for the last minute shoppers, the LG G6+ will see a $50 drop December 17 through December 23, taking it down to $449.

Matthew Miller

You can view Amazon's Prime Exclusive Phone lineup on this page. You will need to be a member of Amazon Prime in order to receive the discounted prices, promotional or not.

Between the low cost and the fact every Prime Exclusive phone is unlocked, it's easier to justify buying one for a teen or tween than it is a shiny new Apple iPhone or Google Pixel.

Matthew Miller recently explained that not all cheap smartphones are bad. In fact, most of the phones listed here made his top ten list for the best cheap smartphones.

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