AMD eyes commercial desktop space with new Ryzen 4000 lineup

Chip giant touting the Ryzen 4000 G series, Athlon 3000 G series, Ryzen Pro 4000 series, and Athlon Pro 3000 series desktop processors as the ultimate desktop processors with integrated graphics.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor
Chip Shot: AMD Ryzen™ PRO Desktop Processor 2020 (Top left, PNG)

AMD Ryzen Pro desktop processor 

Image: AMD

AMD has detailed its new Ryzen desktop series line-up, which according to the company, will see it "up its game" to go after business in the commercial desktop space that AMD director for its commercial client business Matthew Unangst said was previously very difficult for it to procure.

"As we think about the commercial market, with the need for heavy multi-tasking, our Ryzen products with more cores and threads are positioned well to compete here," he said.

AMD is calling it "the world's first and most advanced 7nm x86 desktop processors with built-in graphics for consumer and commercial PC markets".

"The AMD Ryzen 4000 series desktop processors with Radeon graphics and the AMD Athlon 3000 series desktop processors with Radeon graphics feature the most advanced processor core technology on the market combined with the best graphics performance available in a desktop processor," the company said in a press release.

The AMD Ryzen 4000 series desktop processors are built on the 7nm process and Zen 2 core architecture, which Unangst says offers unmatched user experiences and power efficiency in the state-of-the art AMD socket AM4 platform.

"As we look at the commercial desktop market, we know that it's a market that's in change and increasingly we're seeing that shift to optimised small form factor designs … they require faster performance while in a much smaller, more dense environment," he continued.

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"With our Ryzen Pro 4000 products, we deliver a cool and quiet solution, with low operating temperatures and silent operation … as we look at the commercial market moving forward."

The new AMD Ryzen Pro 4000 series and AMD Athlon Pro 3000 series desktop processors boast security features such as AMD Memory Guard and AMD Secure Processor.

The Ryzen Pro series comes in three 65W models and three 35W models.

Image: AMD

In a briefing alongside Unangst, Robert Hallock, from AMD client products, touted the AMD Ryzen 4000 G series desktop processor with Radeon graphics as the ultimate desktop processors with graphics.

"It has crazy good performance per watt, we've taken four cores to eight, we've moved the APU to Zen 2 core architecture, we've substantially improved the amount of CPU performance available to the user, and then we've also made every graphics core about 60% faster," Hallock said.

They're also scalable from 10 to 65 watts.

"Which means we can now take these CPU designs into desktop as the Ryzen 4000 G series processor," he said.

"The Ryzen 4000 G series is designed initially to go into consumer pre-built desktop PCs and that will span all-in-one to gaming towers, to anything that would use a socketed CPU in the OEM market.

"What distinguishes these processors is very similar to what distinguishes them in mobile, that they bring best in class graphics performance so you can actually play a game without a discrete graphics card, we are bringing up to 8 cores into this market for the first time, and by that I mean there's an 8 core processor with graphics built in and you can play a game on it -- it's a nice, well-rounded experience."

As is the case on the commercial side, the Ryzen 4000 G series comes in three 65W models and three 35W models.

Image: AMD

"That specific recipe of CPU cores and graphics cores should not be surprising … but certainly we've turned the clock speeds up because we have more head room to do so on the desktop PC," Hallock said. "So what we're bringing to market are some really powerful 4, 6, and 8 core options, with graphics performance that you can actually play a game with."

The Ryzen 7 4700 G, touted as the "hero" by Hallock, boasts eight cores, 16 threads, 3.6GHz base frequency with 4.4GHz boost, eight Radeon cores, while drawing down 65 Watts.

"Additionally, the new AMD Athlon 3000 G series desktop processors provide responsive performance and modern features for entry-level PCs using the same 'Zen' core architecture and built-in Radeon graphics as the high-performance AMD Ryzen desktop processor family," AMD said in a press release.

According to the company, the AMD Ryzen 4700 G series desktop processor offers up to 2.5x multi-threaded performance compared to the previous generation, up to 5% greater single-thread performance than the Intel Core i7-9700, up to 31% greater multithreaded performance than the Intel Core i7-9700, and up to 202% better graphics performance than the Intel Core i7-9700.

"You get the graphics that are untouchable in the market today, a really compelling package," he said.

"We're two or three times faster in graphics than what is shipping into the market today from our competitor. These are the ultimate processors for pre-built PCs."

The Ryzen 4000 G series desktop processors are expected to be available in systems from AMD's partners, including Lenovo and HP starting in Q3 2020. The Ryzen Pro 4000 series desktop processors will be available at launch and are expected in systems from OEM partners starting in around September.


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