AMD's 2nd-gen EPYC continues epic market momentum

New platforms and new customers for what has become the go-to server chip.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

AMD's 2nd-generation EPYC processors pick up where the 1st-gen hardware left off and are making strong headway into the server market, both in terms of new platforms and new customers.

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Forrest Norrod, SVP and GM of the Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Group at AMD, has been listing some of the processor's wins since its launch back in August.

The first big win comes in the form of five new Dell PowerEdge platforms that have been designed to squeeze the best performance possible out of the 2nd-gen EPYC chips by leveraging the up to 26 percent more PCIe lanes with 60 percent faster interconnect fabric compared to the 1st-gen silicon.

Then there is OVHcloud, a European cloud company that is turning to EPYC-servers and will be making use of the 24-core 2.8GHz EPYC 7402P chips in full-flash servers by the end of 2019.

Another big win is TSMC, who is itself celebrating massive wins in the chip game, with the company turning to the 2nd-gen EPYC processors to power its chip research arm.

Norrod closes with a teaser: "Expect to hear more from us and our partners this year as we continue to expand our reach with the 2nd-gen AMD EPYC processor." Given what we've seen from the EPYC line since its release in 2017, it's a safe bet to say that AMD probably has a lot of good stuff coming.

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