Android share drops 4% while iOS up 10%, but popular Galaxy S III not counted yet

Android continues to hold a healthy lead over iOS, but it did fall four percent over the last year compared to a rise of 10 percent by iOS. This dip is sure to disappear when the Galaxy S III appears in Q3 results.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Strategy Analytics released their latest research report on smartphones with the data revealing that Android lost ground to iOS when comparing Q2 2011 with Q2 2012. While Android is shown to have fallen four percent, this data does not count the incredible sales from the Samsung Galaxy S III that is now available on all major US wireless carriers so I imagine this slight dip will disappear in the next quarter results.

Android share drops 4% while iOS up 10%, but popular Galaxy S III not counted yet

The data shows that smartphone shipments fell 5 percent over the year with causes likely related to the economy, penetration of smartphones, and purchase habits of US customers (primarily buy only with subsidies). Apple's iPhone rose 10 percent over the year while BlackBerry dropped 4 percent and others, such as Windows Phone, appear in the 4 percent of Others. Android is still reigning with a lead over iOS of 23%. The rest of 2012 will be interesting with the Galaxy S III numbers appearing in the third quarter and the new iPhone in the fourth quarter. Windows Phone 8 devices should also appear in the fourth quarter, but given the slow adoption I don't imagine Windows Phone having much impact this year.

Thanks to Apple Insider for the heads-up on the study.

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