Apple Pay overtakes Starbucks as top mobile payment app

An upgrade cycle for point-of-sale terminals has given Apple Pay and its Android rivals a boost.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Apple Pay has become the most popular mobile payment app with 30.3 million users in 2019 topping Starbucks, according to eMarketer data.

Starbucks had been the leader in mobile payment apps even though it is focused only on coffee retail locations. eMarketer noted that Apple Pay has grown faster than expected since its last report on the topic in May 2018


More point-of-sales terminals began to accept NFC-based payment apps. In 2019, Apple will represent 47.3% of proximity mobile payment users. Starbucks will represent 39.4% of proximity mobile payment users.

The point-of-sale terminal upgrade has given Apple Pay a boost, but also is giving Google Pay and Samsung Pay a lift. Those two payment systems are splitting the Android market, said eMarketer with Google Pay leading Samsung Pay by a little more than 2 million users.


Overall, proximity mobile payments will be a $100 billion market in the US with 64 million users.

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