Apple solves iPhone's wireless charging hit-n-miss with MagSafe

Remember MagSafe on the MacBook? It's back. But on the iPhone. But is it genuinely useful, or just a way to sell accessories?
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Remember MagSafe? That technology that stopped you from dragging your MacBook off your desk and giving it a ride in Newton's unforgiving hands to the hard ground below. Well, it's back. But for the iPhone.

What is MagSafe?

It's Apple's solution to the problem of throwing your iPhone onto a wireless charger, but missing that sweet spot, which means you get poor charging, or worse, no charging at all.

MagSafe basically adds magnets to the charging coil, which allows the iPhone and the charger to align correctly, improving wireless charging reliability and speed.

MagSafe unlocks 15-watt wireless charging for the iPhone 12, bumping it up from the existing 7.5-watt, and brings it close to the 18-watt wired charge.

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Apple MagSafe for iPhone

But there's more.


The MagSafe magnets allow for new accessories, such as chargers and cases. Apple showed off a folding charging pad that could charge an iPhone and Apple Watch, and also teased new chargers from accessory maker Belkin.

The cases -- which included wallets and silicon cases -- allows for better case fitment, and, well, the ability for Apple to sell more accessories.

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