Apple to add Apple Pencil support to next iPhones, threatens Samsung Note 9 with pricing

A report from TrendForce argues that Apple will offer lower iPhone prices, support Apple Pencil and squeeze suppliers on component costs.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Apple may be set to launch three new iPhone models and include Apple Pencil support in what could be a body blow to Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, according to research firm TrendForce. Apple is also expected to offer lower prices -- ranging from $699 to $999.

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TrendForce's primary argument is that, with Apple's successor to iPhone X, the company has been able to squeeze its suppliers to get lower component costs. Samsung has cited the tough balance between component costs and profitability of its mobile unit.

Has Apple been able to bring component costs down? Perhaps. Foxconn, best known for manufacturing Apple's iPhones, reported a 2.2 percent decline in second quarter profit. What was notable is that Apple highlighted good demand for the iPhone. The two developments indicate that Apple has been able to squeeze suppliers to lower prices.

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Now, when you toss in the Apple Pencil support, it's possible that Apple would be able to better compete with mid-price Android players as well as premium Samsung devices.

TrendForce's key points:

  • All three new iPhone models will feature Face ID and two will have AMOLED screens.
  • The lower-priced version will be a 6.1-inch LCD version.
  • The 5.8-inch iPhone will start at $899 to $949.
  • Apple Pencil would be an option.
  • Screens would cover 5.8-inch, 6.1-, and 6.5-inch models.
  • Assembly of Apple's AMOLED screen devices have been assembled at OEMs since late July.
  • Memory in premium versions will be 4GB.
  • 512GB will be an option on the premium devices.
  • Shipments will be in September and October.

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TrendForce noted:

Apple is bound to adjust its pricing strategies, influenced by Chinese brands that have successfully expanded their market shares with products that offer high performances at affordable prices. Moreover, Apple will need to improve its cost structure to cope with the threats brought by Android brands. In order to maintain its profitability, Apple is said to bargain with its supply chain partners for cost reduction of components, especially the components that have been used in earlier generations of iPhone.

The timing of the TrendForce report may be just enough to pause Note 9 preorders, since the Apple Pencil support may give tech buyers pause.

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