Apple users confess to the parts of Android they wish they had

After Android users explained their reasons for a secret envy of iPhones, Apple users returned the compliment.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

A more personal screen?

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iPhone users aren't perfect.

They merely give the impression they are. Sometimes, at least.

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Deep inside, though, they're full of the same insecurities as anyone else.

I judge this from a Reddit thread in which iPhone users confessed to the things they think Android phones do better.

Yesterday, I presented the remarkably open feelings of Android users as to their phones' inferiorities when compared to iPhones.

The Redditor who asked for these feelings, handle u/guyaneseboi23, posed a similar question to iPhone users.

The answers rolled in. Some of them were painful.

Hey, Siri. iPhone users still think you're about as useful as a pencil in a darts competition. "Google Assistant just crushes it," said one.

I rather agree. In my household, my wife's Google Assistant makes my Siri look like, well, me compared to my wife.

One iPhone user did say they didn't find Siri a problem: "I keep her off."

And then there are notifications. On the newest iPhones, they are covered up. You have to unmask your screen to discover if anyone has messaged you or is merely pestering you.

"I like having the icons on top in Android. It's easy to forget if I open the iPhone and then lock it," said one iPhone user.

Another, though, contended the true issue here was customization: "The beauty of Android is that you can have the icons there if you want, or remove them. The only downside to iOS is the lack of customization."

Organization of apps also frustrates some iPhone users. One explained: "I wish more than anything I could just control my app grid. I find the mess of icons to be the most frustrating thing about the iPhone and I really wish there was an app drawer or at the least the ability to put apps where I want."

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Another put it more emotionally: "I just want to see my kids on my wallpaper vs their faces covered by icons. It's 2019 for f sake."

Android phones, say these confessors, also have better WiFi calling, the ability to set monthly data usage allowance in settings and a far easier way to search text messages.

And then there's multitasking. Those Androiders are adroit at doing two things at once. The iPhone would rather you just focus on one thing, so doesn't offer split screen.

Some bemoaned the iPhone's alarm was inconsistent. "I've had flip phones with more reliable alarms," said one. Others were desperate for Dark Mode and T9 (predictive text) calling. 

Even here, though, there were those so committed to the Apple brand that they couldn't -- or wouldn't -- offer anything that Android does better.

One commented: "Nothing. If there was something, I'd rather considered [sic] buying an android."

Now that's blind loyalty.

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