Apple Watch updates, TVKit for Apple TV reportedly on tap for WWDC

It's about time for Apple's TV "hobby" to become a big deal: A new software platform for third-party apps would help. And the Apple Watch is expected to improve too next month.
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributor

Apple will reportedly show off new Apple Watch features and debut its TVKit platform for Apple TV at next month's WorldWide Developer Conference.


These would likely be introduced alongside any upcoming changes to OS X and iOS as Apple typically unveils new software features for developers to use in the coming year.

The well-connected Marc Gurman from 9to5 Mac noted Apple's plans on Monday, and quite frankly, they make sense for a few reasons.

The Apple Watch only recently debuted with Watch OS 1.0 and while it generally offers a refined take on the smartwatch, there is still room for improvement. I mentioned a few that I'd like to see earlier this month: Namely, giving Siri the ability to speak back to users, faster connections between watch apps and an iPhone, and a way to choose which calendars appear on the Apple Watch.

Gurman says Apple is working on Find My Watch feature in a way that uses the watch's relative position to an iPhone.

The Health and fitness apps are also expected to mature as Gurman reports Apple wants to add blood pressure monitoring, sleep tracking in the short term and blood sugar sensors at a later date. Sleep tracking in particular may be a challenge since most Apple Watch users likely charge their device overnight.

Interestingly, Gurman thinks Apple will open up the watch's complications -- small windows of information on a watchface -- for widget information. He uses the example of showing the number of unread messages from Twitter as an example.

That could be useful for some apps, of course, but my hope is that third-party apps themselves gain new capabilities and improvements such as background refreshes.


There's been talk of new Apple TV hardware for several months -- not with 4k support -- but of course, without software, Apple's hobby is just another set-top box.

A new software platform for Apple TV apps called TVKit would change that, says Gurman.

TVKit will bring Siri integration and third-party apps to Apple's streaming device. Although Gurman doesn't specifically note it, I'd anticipate Apple's HomeKit platform to be integrated with a new Apple TV box as well, turning the device into a hub for both entertainment and home automation.

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Assuming Gurman is right -- and he often is when it comes to Apple's plans -- these developments, along with iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, will likely be the primary focus of the WWDC keynote.

That leaves little time to discuss any minor refreshes to other Apple hardware and could explain why Apple might introduce a revised 15-inch MacBook Pro and 27-inch iMac before the developer event that starts June 8.

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