Apple's five reasons 2018 iPad Pro can replace your computer: But do you agree?

Ahead of the holidays, Apple makes its case for the iPad Pro to be your next computer, even though it's not one.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

As the debate whether the iPad Pro can replace a laptop continues, Apple has released a new ad outlining five reasons why its tablet "can be your next computer".

The ads are the latest take on Apple's message since releasing the first iPad Pro in 2016 and calling it "the ultimate PC replacement".

Some were convinced that iOS 11 made the iPad Pro a preferable mobile computer to a MacBook. But many believe that the lack of mouse support and having to use the screen as the touchpad just don't provide a computer-like experience.

However, the first point Apple makes in the new ad is that the 2018 iPad Pro is more powerful than most computers.

Recent Geekbench benchmarks do show the iPad Pro with Apple's new A12X chip does have comparable single- and multi-core performance to the 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro with Intel's six-core Core i7 chips.

Second, the iPad Pro is many more things than a laptop, according to Apple. It says it's a camera, a cinema, an editing suite, a music studio, a book, and -- with the keyboard -- a computer.

Third, the iPad Pro "goes anywhere" and "stays connected everywhere", if you buy the LTE model.

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The fourth argument is that "It's as easy as this", with graphics suggesting the convenience of Face ID unlock, gestures, and split window for moving files around.

Finally, the fifth argument is that it's "even better with Apple Pencil".

Apple's final word on the issue is that the new iPad Pro is "like a computer unlike any computer".

At least on the question of price that statement is true. The iPad Pro's price of $799 and $999 for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models, respectively, make it cheaper than the new MacBook Air.

But the fully decked out 12.9-inch iPad-Pro with a keyboard and Apple Pencil costs over $2,000, just like a high-end laptop.

Apple's new advert offers five reasons for buying the new iPad Pro. Source: Apple/YouTube


Apple's final argument is that the iPad Pro is "even better with Apple Pencil".

Image: Apple/YouTube

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