The new iPad Pro has a surprise new feature

Sometimes wishes do indeed become true.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
​Yes, you can now charge your iPhone from your iPad Pro.

Yes, you can now charge your iPhone from your iPad Pro.

A few weeks ago I compiled a list of my iPad Pro fantasy features, and to my surprise, one of those features came true.

Yes, sometimes wishes do come true.

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Now, while the new iPad Pro can't run macOS and doesn't feature expandable storage, one of my fantasy features was the ability to use the iPad Pro's giant battery as a powerbank for the iPhone.

Well, Apple just turned that wish into reality.

Thanks to the new iPad Pro's making the shift away from the Lightning connector to USB-C, hooking up an iPhone to it using Apple's USB-C-to-Lightning cable allows the iPhone to draw power from the tablet.

And given the right cable, that port should also charge any other USB-C-enabled smartphone.

The USB-C port also allows the new iPad Pros to have a high-speed connection to external displays or cameras.

Nice feature, and to be honest one that I didn't expect Apple to include.

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