Are we living in the future now?

With multi-touch displays everywhere we look, and now flexible displays, are we truly living in the future?
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

I can't help but think that I've somehow time-traveled into the future. Who would have thought even just a couple of years ago that we'd have multi-touch phones, multi-touch tablets, touch-enabled computers, affordable computers, and phones that do as much, if not more, than most computers?

Not a day goes by that I don't pause and just look around at what has become the norm. I never have to watch a show live, and these days I don't even need to remember to record it, thanks to OnDemand, Hulu, and a variety of other legal services. And an electronic device is always with me.

With the above in mind, one thing that hasn't advanced as much as I would have expected is paper. I'm always looking for technology that will let me leave the paper behind, but inevitably it still stays with me. Nowadays I can type out notes to myself on my iPhone or iPad instead of scribbling down on paper, but the convenience of taking some information on the road with you in your pocket, folded up, is something that we still haven't achieved in today's tech world.

It's for the reasons I've just stated that I was excited to learn about Sony's new paper-thin rollable, flexible OLED display. The display is still a prototype and probably many years away, but to me it seems to offer that final piece of tech nirvana: leaving the paper behind

In the demo, shown below, the display wraps around a spindle. The diplay itself is an ulta-thin 4.1-inch OLED, and according to Andrew's blog post, it can roll as tightly as a radius of 4 millimeters and still work!

The video below is definitely from the future. Now if I could just walk into my house, have my house read me my messages, adjust my temperature, play my favorite music, and cook me dinner, we'd be all set.

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