AT&T claims fastest 3G and most reliable voice for Rhode Island

AT&T claims most reliable voice and fastest 3G in Rhode Island--where's the proof?
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

I live in Rhode Island so I took particular interest in a text message that AT&T sent to me today claiming to have the fastest 3G and most reliable voice network in Rhode Island. As you can see in the picture, the company is claiming that it has been

"working hard to enhance your network experience and we are pleased to announce that no one has a more reliable voice network than AT&T in Rhode Island ... and AT&T also has the fastest 3G network in RI"

The first thing I thought of was how most of my friends in Rhode Island constantly complain about the dropped calls and issues with connectivity on AT&T. If AT&T really has the most reliable voice network, that would mean that either its competitors drop even more often, or AT&T's claims are unfounded. As for the fastest 3G network, again, I just want to see where these claims are coming from.

I think that AT&T should stick with the fact that you can make calls and surf the internet at the same time and not try to say that their voice coverage is better than Verizon's, for example.

One thing that did come to mind is whether or not the iPhone itself could be at fault this time. Most of my friends on AT&T are iPhone users so it's tough to say that it's definitely the network at fault this time around.

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