​Atlassian acquires video conferencing company Blue Jimp

Australian-founded enterprise software development and collaboration platform provider Atlassian has acquired French video conferencing player Blue Jimp.
Written by Leon Spencer, Contributor

Atlassian, maker of developer and collaboration tools such as Jira, Confluence, and HipChat, announced on Tuesday that it had acquired Blue Jimp for an undisclosed sum in a bid to expand its video capabilities.

Blue Jimp, which is behind the popular open-source chat and video conferencing platform Jitsi, is headquartered in Strasbourg, France.

Atlassian said that it plans to draw upon Blue Jimp's team and technology to broaden the functionality of its own HipChat offering, which currently supports 1:1 video chat capability.

"The Jitsi Videobridge relays video rather than mixing it, which provides improved scale with higher quality and lower latency," the Australian-founded company said in a blog post. "These are very good things.

"Blue Jimp's technology and expertise will make HipChat stronger, and enable us to expand our video capabilities, all while improving your experience," said Atlassian.

The company said that it would continue to support and invest in Blue Jimp's open-source Jitsi project in order to "maintain the spirit of Jitsi's open-source community".

"The best way to keep Jitsi innovative is keeping it open and in the hands of those who created it in the first place: The open-source community," said Atlassian.

The announcement comes just days after the company released HipChat 3.2 for iOS, along with an Apple Watch app for the platform -- first announced late last year. The latest release adds support for 64-bit processors.

"It's been an incredible challenge building HipChat on Apple Watch, but it was worth it," Atlassian said in a blog post on April 20.

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