Axon launches law officer performance analytics platform

With petabytes of body-worn camera footage and Evidence.com, Axon is looking to analyze and improve law enforcement agency performance in real time.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Axon said it is launching a data analytics tool to review law enforcement performance via video, identify training needs and continuously improve.

The company, which is known for its Taser devices as well as cloud tools such as Evidence.com, has revamped to become a software provider. With the launch of analytics hub Axon Performance, the company aims to take video footage from its Axon body cameras, evaluate it and then improve.

Axon Performance is sold as an add-on for law enforcement agencies using Office Safety Plan 7+.

The returns for law enforcement agencies will be to speed up what today is a manual review process for camera footage. Axon Performance utilizes metrics from the body camera as well as categorizes videos. Evaluations can also be entered remotely instead so officers don't have to come back to do paperwork.

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Key items include:

  • Real-time performance measurement.
  • Evaluations that scale across all officers in an agency.
  • Integration with computer aided dispatch logs and faster report creation.
  • Axon performance is generally available following a four-month early access program.

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