Best Buy three-day summer sale: $50 off Apple Watch 4, $200 off HP Chromebook

Best Buy is offering deals on Kindle e-readers, Apple Watch Series 3 and 4, Surface devices, and more.
Written by Elyse Betters Picaro, Managing Editor

There's been a lot of sales this summer, from Memorial Day to Prime Day. But the season isn't over, and neither is the deals. 

Best Buy has launched a three-day summer sale that ends Aug. 4. It's offering discounts on Echo speakers, Kindle e-readers, iPad and iPhone models, Apple Watch Series 3 and 4, both Roku TVs and Fire TVs, Microsoft Surface devices, and more. Go here to shop the entire sale, but if you'd like to browse the absolute best deals available, check out below.

Best Buy three-day summer sale: The very best deals

We're combing through the site to dig out all the standout deals. We'll continue to update this list, too.


Toshiba 32-inch Fire TV for $99 ($80 off)

Do you want a TV for your office? Well, this is an ultra-cheap option worth considering. The best part is it comes with Fire TV smarts so that you can access Alexa, Amazon Prime Video, and all your favorite streaming apps, from Netflix to YouTube.


Hisense 65-inch 4K UHD TV with Roku for $399 ($200 off)

Those of you who want a bigger TV with 4K quality should look no further. Similar to the Toshiba above, this model has a built-in smart TV platform, but from Roku rather than Amazon. You can use it to access Netflix and thousands of other apps and channels. 


Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular for $280 ($100 off)

If you missed your chance to grab the Apple Watch Series 3 during Prime Day, check out this deal, as you'll have a hard time finding a lower price. This particular model has GPS and Cellular, too, so you can stay connected on your morning runs before work.


Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular for $449 ($50 off)

The latest and greatest Apple Watch model is also on sale. It's not as deep of a cut as the Series 3, but $50 off is better than nothing.


Apple iPad Air 2019 with Wi-Fi for $449 ($50 off)

Best Buy is also offering the latest iPad Air on sale. There are several discounted models available, but we think this Wi-Fi one is perfect enough for those of you who are interested in using a tablet instead of a laptop or desktop computer for work. 


MacBook Air 2019 for $1,000 ($100 off)

If you can't see yourself using a tablet for everyday tasks, then stick with a computer. And this model happens to be an excellent choice. I'm using it at this very moment. It can handle running dozens of Chrome tabs, Photoshop, Slack, and more -- all at once.


Acer Nitro 5 15.6-inch gaming laptop for $580 ($220 off)

Some people like to play a few games during their lunch or work breaks. If that's you, maybe a gaming laptop is more up your alley. This Nitro 5 model from Acer is a popular option. It's on the budget-end of gaming laptops, but it's still a terrific workhorse.


HP 2-in-1 touchscreen Chromebook for $399 ($200 off) 

If you only really need a machine to get on the internet, and that's useful in a bunch of different scenarios, consider a 2-in-1 Chromebook. It runs ChromeOS, offers access to Android apps and Chrome Web apps, and it has a touchscreen. 


Microsoft Surface Pro for $599 ($360 off)

Some people would never in a million years give up Windows for MacOS -- let alone ChromeOS. Those of you who are part of that crowd might be more interested in the Surface Pro. It's a Windows 10 convertible, and at this price, it's hard to ignore.


Amazon Echo Dot for $22 ($28 off)

Let's be real: Amazon's smallest Echo is always on sale. However, at such a low price, it's an ideal impulse buy. Why not pick one up? Use it as a fancy alarm clock, or to add some smart to your home office. The possibilities are endless with Alexa devices.


Amazon Echo for $50 ($50 off)

Of course, if you desire more sound quality from your Echo, there's also the bigger, more powerful Echo on sale at Best Buy.


Amazon Kindle Oasis for $204 ($75 off)

It's always a good idea to pick up a Kindle if you can find a good deal. These e-readers offer an e-ink reading experience and fewer distractions than you'd get with a tablet such as the Fire HD 7. It also provides access to Amazon's massive library of ebooks.


Sony XB950N1 headphones for $150 ($100 off)

Open offices have perks, but there are also downsides, such as the constant distractions and noisy environment. To help yourself get some work done, pick up a pair of over-ears, like these headphones from Sony. They're nearly half off and worth every cent.


WD 1TB My Passport SSD + 64GB USB drive for $130 ($40 off) 

Cloud storage is all the rage right now, but some of us still prefer to back up all our work files and personal files on local storage. And with this combination deal, you can do just that -- on not only an SSD but also a flash drive.


HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 wireless printer for $60 ($90 off)

Printers aren't as flashy as an iPad or Echo, but they're necessary for work, and this one is 60% off during Best Buy's three-day sale.

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