Bing Chat is now available in the Microsoft Edge sidebar. Here's why this is a big deal

With this update, you will be able to access Bing Chat's assistance everywhere on the web.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Bing and Edge logos

When I tested Bing Chat, I was impressed. The chatbot's ability to talk conversationally while also having the knowledge of the entire internet makes it a powerful tool. The chatbot's latest feature is a major power up. 

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Microsoft Edge now has a shortcut button on its sidebar for Bing Chat, which lets you use its assistance on any page across the web. The sidebar will include the regular chatroom and a Compose tab to generate writing for your needs. 

After you enter the Compose tab, you can pick from five different tones, four different text formats, and three different lengths to generate the ideal text for your needs. 

Screenshot of ChatGPT Bing's sidebar
Screenshot by Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

For example, if you are writing a work email, all you have to do is click on the sidebar, type in your prompt, select the professional tone option, email format, and medium length, and the text will be generated using all of your criteria. It will be ready to be copy and pasted into your email. 

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This writing feature can be helpful for many other uses, such as composing social media post captions, LinkedIn updates, meeting agendas, website writing, and more. 

The placing of chat in the sidebar can facilitate how to provide informed responses and get clarity on difficult topics. If you are browsing on an article and see a word or a topic you don't really understand, instead of opening a new tab, you can just click on the sidebar. 

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This feature is a big deal because it incorporates what other apps are doing in one place. For example, Slack's integration with ChatGPT will allow users to draft messages to colleagues, but it is limited to the app. With Microsoft Edge, however, you can use ChatGPT to compose messages on any website you open on the Edge browser. 

This preview is still only available for early access users, but you can join the waitlist. 

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