BodyGuardz products for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Impact and screen protection at its best

BodyGuardz uses shock-blocking technology found in gear for professional athletes so you can trust its cases to protect your new Samsung phone. The two plastic screen protectors work well and have no impact on the functionality of the front fingerprint scanner.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Samsung's new Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are now available in stores and online. I've been using the S10 Plus for a couple of weeks, along with trying out the Ace Pro case and two screen protectors so the S10 Plus is still in perfect condition.

The case and two screen protectors come with the Designed for Samsung authorization so you can trust they are designed to fit perfectly on your new phone. BodyGuardz has a couple of case options with a couple color options for each style. I tested out both screen protector models for the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Ace Pro case

The BodyGuardz Ace Pro case comes in two color options; clear and smoke/black. Given the lovely Prism White

 color, not to mention some of the other available S10 Plus colors, the clear case is a great option to show off Samsung's gorgeous designs. The smoke/black one may be great for work when you want to tone down the brilliant colors of your phone.

The Ace Pro is available now for $34.95 with the key feature being the 10-feet drop protection provided thanks to the Unequal technology applied in the TPU case. This is the same technology applied to professional and amateur sports to protect athletes from high impacts. The edges or your S10 Plus are well protected when installed inside this case.

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The Ace Pro fits the S10 Plus perfectly with rounded edges, curves from the ends to the sides that perfectly match the Infinity-O display, and a beveled opening around the triple rear camera. It's a case that upholds the styling of the S10 Plus without comprimising any functionality either.

There are openings for the USB-C port, headphone jack, speaker, mics, and rear triple cameras. The buttons are not raised like you see on most other cases, but are positioned above the device buttons and sit flush with the bumper around the sides. It's a nice look and I haven't noticed any degradation on my ability to press the buttons either.

There is a bit of texture on the inside back of the case which works to dissipate the shock from drops. The front edge is also raised slightly above the display to help protect it when you set it face down on a table.

BodyGuardz products for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: in pictures

UltraTough Clear ScreenGuardz screen protector

I first spent a week with the UltraTough Clear ScreenGuardz protector on the S10 Plus. This $19.95 case is made with self-healing urethane film so that if you have something that moves across and scratches it then the scratch/indent should go away after some time.

Installation was easy with the guide that fits into your USB-C port and very large squeegee that were included with the kit. There was some adhesive appearing below the screen protector when I first installed it, but that went away after setting up over the next day or so. I was able to install it with no bubbles either.

There are no openings for the front-facing cameras or fingerprint scanner, but I saw absolutely no degradation in either of these functions. I understand some people are getting S10 Plus devices with a Samsung protector on it that has an opening for the fingerprint scanner, but am happy to say you can use a third party protector without any impact on the usability of the in-display scanner.

One thing I noticed after a couple of days was the large amount of lint that collected along the edges of the protector. I slip my phone into my front pants pocket so this result may be fairly typical for people. I honestly wish Samsung would stop making these curved edges on its displays since screen protection is difficult, the edges are more susceptible to damage, and there is little added functionality with such a design. The curved edges may look great in marketing videos, but I'm honestly done with them.

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HD Contour screen protector

The HD Contour screen protector is available for $29.95 and is a hardened PET protector. PET has been used for a long time to protect displays and is a reliable material for scratch protection. BodyGuardz also offers free lifetime replacement on these protectors.

The installation method is different with a blue frame piece that fits over your phone and a large angled squeegee. The installation of this protector went a bit better than the UltraTough one with just a minor bit of adhesive showing for a day.

The HD Contour screen protector has an opening in the top right for the dual front-facing cameras. There is no opening for the fingerprint sensor, but again there was no change in the performance of this scanner while using this screen protector.

I did not see as much dust collection with this protector either and preferred the HD Contour over the UltraTough. The display looked awesome using both protectors.

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