BoM seeks ROBUST cloud and WAN partner for IT overhaul project

Under the ROBUST program, the Bureau of Meteorology is looking for a cloud management platform and wide area network (WAN) partner.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has been undertaking what it has called a comprehensive rebuild of its IT systems and related business processes and applications, focused on addressing security and resilience risks.

Known as ROBUST, the program is aimed at securing and strengthening all elements of the Bureau's operating environment to provide "continuous availability of critical services, mitigating the risks arising from the fragility of the existing ICT environment".

The program will run over a number of years.

Within ROBUST, there are five delivery streams that will deliver core technology platforms to BoM, including: Infrastructure, data and integration, observation network, channels, and applications.

The infrastructure delivery stream will deliver a new cloud management platform and wide area network (WAN) across Bureau locations with data centres, along with compute and storage.

BoM has this week gone to tender for the provision of IT managed support services for the infrastructure delivery stream of ROBUST.

It is seeking an infrastructure support partner to operate, maintain, and support the delivered infrastructure platform.

In tender documents, BoM said its infrastructure delivery stream consists of eight workstreams. BoM said it requires an experienced managed IT support services contractor who will provide services for the ongoing support and management of each workstream, however this tender is only for cloud, WAN, and component operations.

Help with the latter is required, while cloud and WAN are considered as optional, BoM said.

The component operations contract is expected to start December this year and run through June 2022. It will consist of the running of ongoing service components commissioned across a number of products and services within the Bureau data centres, regional operations data centres, and observing hubs.

This includes IDAM, Windows and supporting tools, database support, RedHat and supporting tools, platform support, network support, security, and miscellaneous routers, switches, firewalls, and VMs.

At the Bureau's discretion, it may also decide to commence one or both of the other two workstreams from December 2021 for the period to 30 June 2023.

It will require the successful partner to operate the ongoing cloud hosted compute and storage services, including services such as management and operation of the CMP, as well as provision and support of cloud hosted instances of Windows and RedHat operating systems compute, including integration with the Bureau's ITSM tools and processes.

IaaS and PaaS services in both public cloud services -- Azure and AWS -- are also in the scope.

On the WAN side, the partner will be required to operate the Bureau's ongoing WAN components, such as network carriage services, which entails managing incidents associated with network carriage services as the Bureau's agent and integration with its ITSM tools and processes.

The workstream excludes the provision of network carriage services.

The tender closes 28 September 2020.


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