Braidio announces WorkStreams platform to optimise enterprise productivity

Platforms today need to thread all necessary information, knowledge, and business tools into a single point of productivity.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Technology is changing rapidly, information is coming at us so fast that traditional methods of learning the information you need for the job - and improving your performance - are no longer effective.

The challenge is giving your employees the tools they need to be able to access the requisite knowledge, and the ability to share it, is key to business success.

San Francisco, CA-based social workplace intelligence platform Braidio has launched a new platform that aims to address these issues.

Its WorkStreams platform streamlines workflows, to remove friction between workplace tasks.

The platform connects organisational information, and knowledge silos, optimising productivity by providing a collaborative environment for organisational teams.

The solution uses active workflow listening to enable employees to receive training and learn from their peers.

The workstream's interaction occurs below those layers to present answers and solutions, not just content, to deliver successful outcomes.

Braidio also captures informal knowledge, which accounts for 80% of knowledge and learning in the workplace, and makes it easily discoverable.

It uses an agile approach to enable staff to respond in real-time through the work stream. The solution enables employees to quickly solve problems on their own, by using crowd sourced knowledge-based systems.

The company is moving to integrate with other third-party services and tools, to provide a unified experience.

It believes that this move is critical in order to provide a 'cohesive optimized employee experience, where they will no longer need to juggle multiple screens throughout the day to do their work'.

Iain Scholnick, Founder and CEO of Braidio said: "The future of work will look very differently than it does now.

Employees need to combine all of their training, information, software tools, and resources used daily in one place to make problem solving easier, reduce workload and optimize productivity,"

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