BroadVision integrates social business software with SharePoint

By supporting hybrid private-public networks and helping measure social networking participation, BroadVision is emphasizing support for companies' existing investments and processes.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Enterprise software developer BroadVision has made a series of updates to its Clearvale enterprise social business software platform.

Three of the most notable new features are support for hybrid networks that include both public and private components, integration compatibility for Microsoft SharePoint and analytics tools that allow businesses to measure social networking activities.

Like other social business software platforms, Clearvale brings social communications and collaborations sensibilities that people use in social networks and applies them within a business setting. Clearvale is focused on helping support conversations about business-to-business, business-to-consumer and business-to-employee issues.

By updating Clearvale to run across hybrid networks, BroadVision recognizes the fact that guests might need to be part of social business discussions. The new feature enables administrators to design the workspaces that guests (such as a consultant or a contractor or a supplier or a customer) can enter. These areas are known as Zones and Conduits.

BroadVision added SharePoint support to recognize the fact that social business software shouldn't try to supersede existing enterprise software investments, it should help companies get more out of them. Its new measurement tools are intended to help measure contributions, activity and member influence within the enterprise social network.

"Too often, organizations think that adopting social networking within the enterprise is an additional burden, and as a result, projects get delayed or sidetracked indefinitely," said Pehong Chen, chairman, president and CEO of BroadVision, in a statement. "The key is to time-shift from chasing endless email trails or attending senseless status meetings to performing the same work in a collaborative network. To enable that time shift, the enterprise social networking platform chosen must support existing business tasks, processes, and systems."

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