Translation app for Moxie social business software works in real time

GeoFluent quickly translate chat responses into multiple languages, helping speed customer service interactions and reducing chances for miscommunications.

So, the concept of social business software suggests that employees from all over your organization will be able to connect and share information in ways that have never before been possible. But what happens if not everyone in your company -- or, more likely, your customers -- cannot read and write in English?

I read with interest that social business software company Moxie Software has signed a deal with LionBridge Technologies that will create an integrated software application called GeoFluent for Spaces by Moxie.

The aim of the application is to offer multilingual communication, mainly between customers and employees. So, the focus is on layering GeoFluent for Spaces into customer support systems, specifically into the Chat, Community and Knowledgebase components. That would enable agents to answers questions coming at them from multiple languages within the existing Moxie software, the companies said.

Moxie and LionBridge imagine a number of scenarios in which the translation application might come in handy, such as during transactions, in helping reducing support costs, and in ensuring that communications are kept consistent. The latter comes in the form of some precanned responses that might pop out for frequent questions that could be controlled better across languages.

"By bringing together customized real-time translation with enterprise social solutions, we will enable organizations to increase revenue conversions and accelerate time to global markets while reducing the need for expensive in-country solutions," said Rory Cowan, Lionbridge CEO, in the press release about the relationship. "With this combined solution, any customer care organization can instantly become a global customer care organization that reaches, engages and supports customers regardless of geography or language."

Even though I am somewhat leery of canned responses, I definitely see why attention to this concern or detail would help a customer view a business more favorably. Think about some of the language challenges you have had during your own support interactions. I also don't see why this couldn't work internally within a company using social business software, as well, although the initial focus is on customer support applications.

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